Special Purpose

Marine Air–Ground Task Force

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Command Element

MAGTF Headquarters

  • MAGTF Commander (O-5 Lieutenant Colonel)
  • MAGTF Executive Officer (O-4 Major)
  • MAGTF Operations Officer (O-3 Captain)
  • MAGTF Senior Enlisted Advisor (E-9 Sergeant Major)

Ground Combat Element

Alpha Company - 1st Battalion, 1st Marines

  • Company Commander (O-3 Captain)
  • Company Executive Officer (O-2 1st Lieutenant)
  • Company First Sergeant (E-8 First Sergeant)

1st, 2nd and 3rd Platoon are assigned under the command of Alpha Company.

Aviation Combat Element

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367
  • Detachment Commander (O-3 Captain)
  • Detachment Executive Officer (O-2 1st Lieutenant)

The squadron detachment consists of 4 aircraft, 3 x Transport Rotary-Wing Aircraft and 1 x Light Attack Rotary-Wing Aircraft.