Welcome to The 11th MEU(SOC)

First and foremost - we are NOT the real 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit. We are an ArmA III Realism Unit with a very high view of the Corps, and a very high view on realistic gaming. We gather and play to simulate a Marine Corps environment, in honor of the real Leathernecks who serve.

ArmA III is a great combat simulator that is very conducive to the environment we've set here. ArmA III information can be found at http://arma3.com/ Specifically, we play ArmA III with a custom modpack that includes various community modifications like Task Force Arrowhead Radio and to provide the most unique realistic environment possible.

We're simulating a Marine environment in a virtual world - same ranks, same ideals, same values. Hell, even a few of our members are Marines or are planning to serve in the Corps. They bring their experience to the table to further enhance our Unit. We strive to create an environment that is both professional and responsible, and at the same time relaxing and enjoyable. Realism gaming to us is the balance between the real world Marine Corps and the gaming world. We uphold the Corps Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

Contact info

11th MEU(SOC)

E -mail: command@11thmeu.net

The best way to contact us is through steam chat/teamspeak, however, feel free to use the email form below if needed.

Disclaimer: This website is for a online gaming group and is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps or United States Government.

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Our Mission

To Conduct a sustained cohesive unit and other missions, as directed, in order to fulfill national and primary objectives. Of which include the upkeep of unit members information regarding their enlistment with the 11th MEU and to properly self instruct and inspire them to a higher level of self respect, unit pride and awareness of the United States Marine Corps.

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